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Welcome to #MyGreece

We are authentic trip designers. We craft personalised travel experiences that help travellers discover extraordinary things to do in Greece. We blend the history, culture and natural beauty of Greece to build beautiful itineraries that invite people to experience the real Greece – like a local.  Nature lovers, luxury enthusiasts, foodies or adventure seekers? MyGreece is the smartest way to explore destinations and find incredible activities, for all ages and interests. It’s the taste, the view, the big blue – all those emotions that don’t fade away long after the vacation ends. And what will make you come back.

MyGreece is all the memories you’ll be taking home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design handcrafted travel experiences that help travellers discover extraordinary things to do in Greece.

  • To transform ordinary trips into personalised experiences.
  • To showcase each destination while following local and seasonal principles
  • To blend the history, culture and natural beauty of Greece and build beautiful itineraries
  • To drive innovation through customer centric services, community development and technology

Why book with us?

MyGreece is the smartest way to explore Greece. Browse and book, and your online travel guide will create incredible tours and activities, designed just for you. Your itinerary will arrive directly to your inbox, and that’s it. Your only job is to have a great time.

Every itinerary we design is built on the same belief. That travel should be more than sightseeing and busy lines at tourist attractions. Travel should be an absolutely easy, stress-free and magical experience that takes you where few will ever go.


Last minute tour or booking ahead? We are here to help you plan the perfect escape. Need to cancel or change the dates? No problem. Cancel your tour up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund. 

Value for money

Whether you prefer luxury experiences or adventure tours, our world class travel services meet top quality standards while offering travel solutions that satisfy any budget. Found a lower price? We’ll match it! 

24/7 support

Our local insiders and certified tour guides provide up-to-date information to help you stay informed about your destination. And we are here to help, 24/7. Before, during, and even after your trip. 

Our Values

We Inspire Change

We believe that travel can change the way we think. That’s why we are committed to providing game-changing travel experiences. And we inspire everyone involved to share this journey, by challenging the status quo of low quality tourism services and introducing an original way to welcome travelers to Greece.

We Create Experiences

We don’t sell trips, we create life-changing experiences. Our quality oriented partners and local insiders design handcrafted itineraries that maximize travelers’ experience, while turning them into passionate ambassadors of Greece.


We Celebrate Diversity

Different is beautiful. This applies both to destinations and people. Celebrating our differences helps us explore new horizons, appreciate other cultures and broaden our own. We love working with diverse teams to create personalized travel experiences for citizens from all over the world.

Meet The Team

Sofia Arapidou

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Cooper

Vice President

John Smithy

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Sandler

Senior Engineer

Ricardo Gomez

HR Manager

James Smith

Chief Technology Officer

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