Top Multi-day Tours in Greece 

#MyGreece offers various multi-day tours all year round. We have both private and shared tours ranging from 2-14 days to the best locations all around the country.

Below you can find 8 top regions of Greece that you should not miss, from Thrace in the north and Epirus in the west till Peloponnese, Crete, Karpathos and Dodecanese islands in the south, together with the two sacred mountains of Greece, the mythical Mt. Olympus and the holy Mt. Athos.

During our tours, you will have enough time to explore all the listed attractions, to meet the locals, to taste traditional food and to relax and escape from daily habits. Our tours include accommodation and pick up service. Browse through our selection to create your dream trip to Greece!

1. Zagori villages & Vikos Gorge, 3 days.

To visit and fully explore the majestic region of Zagori, you need at least 3 days. More than 20 charming villages with unique mountain architecture, surrounded by forests and rivers, with the high peaks of Astraka mountain and the deepest canyon of Europe, the Zagorochoria villages are going to fascinate you! During our tour we will pass the old stone bridges, hike to the monasteries carved into the mountains and enjoy the lush vegetation that depicts the pure and seductive region, ideal for all seasons. Don’t miss to enjoy great outdoor activities, like horse riding and rafting, and relax by the fireplace at a traditional guesthouse or renovated old mansion!


2. Mt. Olympus, A mythical escape, 3 days.

The highest point of Greece and the mythical home of the 12 Olympian gods of Greek mythology, Mt. Olympus is a must-visit experience for any traveler! God Zeus lives at 2.918 meters, on the summit of Olympus and he is known for his hospitality, welcoming all citizens of this world. There is much to discover even if you don’t make it to the summit. We will trek the gentle paths of Enipeas canyon with hidden corners, towering trees, wildflowers and unruly rocks, below and above the clouds. Don’t miss to hike the plateau of Mouses and the throne of Zeus, enjoying the cozy refuges and the stunning views from the slopes. The charming village of Litochoro and the sandy beach of the riviera just 30 minutes away, complete the full summer experience!

3. Thrace, the secret part of Greece, 5 days

Thrace region is located in the northeastern part of Greece, where two continents, three countries and many cultures and ecosystems meet and coexist for centuries. This is the reason why this place is so mysterious and wild! Amazing, virgin nature, authentic villages, exotic tastes with Anatolian influences, ancient sites and multicultural people are the main characteristics of this region. We will visit the wetland of Vistonida lake, the 60 meters tall waterfall of Livaditis, the old town of Xanthi, the enchanting Nestos river, the rocks of Thracian Meteora, the bird sanctuary of Dadia, the Evros river delta and the unique civilization of The Pomak race. Come along this unique trip that will show you a different and less travelled Greece.

4. Hidden gems of Mount Athos, 5 days

Mount Athos is not only one of the highest summits of Greece, but most importantly it is the center of the Eastern Orthodox Monasticism. It is home to 20 monasteries, where more than 2000 monks from Greece and Eastern Europe live, dedicating their life to the religion. Located at the easternmost “leg” of the Halkidiki peninsula, the monastic state is an important pilgrimage place and region of wild and beautiful nature. Although dedicated to Virgin Mary, females are forbidden to enter. All males can enter the holy region, regardless of faith or nationality, by obtaining a permit. During our 5 day tour, we will hike around the mountain, stay in various monasteries, meet the hermits in their caves and live with the monks. A truly unforgettable experience!

5. Splendors of Crete & Samaria Gorge, 7 days

Crete is the biggest island of Greece, renowned for its wild natural beauty, friendly local people, exquisite cuisine, amazing beaches, rich culture and history of thousands of years! Our signature trip will guide you through the main archeological sites of Knossos and Phaistos, coastal cities, mountain villages and stunning beaches, like Elafonisi and Balos. You will have time to meet the hospitable Cretan people, to taste local delicacies and enjoy the vibrant images of nature and the Aegean sea. Of course we will trek across the famous Samaria gorge, one of the must-living experiences of Greece!

6. Dodecanese island tour, 9 days

Located in the southeastern part of Aegean sea, a dozen of beautiful islands will capture your senses, all with their distinctive character and unique beauty! Here you will experience some of the best beaches of Greece, with rich local culture and history. During our island hopping tour, we will visit important archaeological sites and castles, cosmopolitan coastal cities, abandoned villages, unexplored islets, exotic beaches and stunning picturesque landscapes. Enjoy the original Greek summer with this superb island hopping tour through local history and Aegean bliss!

7. Peloponnese, 5-8 days

The Peloponnese region is the most popular travel destination of the Greek mainland, as it lies close to Athens and offers some of the best archeological sites of the country, including Olympia, Epidaurus and Mycenae, among others. It’s the land of Ancient Sparta and the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Our tours will also guide you through the renowned sites of Mystra, Monemvasia and Nafplio. Surrounded by sea, you will have time to enjoy amazing beaches and stunning sea vistas. We also offer less travelled destinations, like the Mani peninsula, Elafonisos island and the scenic mountain villages with great natural escapes to beautiful lakes and rivers. Peloponnese offers an unparalleled travel experience, ideal as a year-round destination.

8. Karpathos island, 7 days

An ideal choice for those who desire to combine summer holidays with trekking experience, living traditions, rare ecosystem, colourful festivals and music. Karpathos is an island of untouched and wild natural beauty, sculpted by the everlasting Aegean wind and local customs. During our tour we will trek through cobblestone paths, visit its ancient acropolis, caves and churches, before relaxing in traditional tavernas, tasting seafood and relishing both the sun and the amazing deep-blue sea. Located in the south Aegean sea, far away from any other island or mainland, you will have enough time to relax and admire the dramatic vistas. The simplicity of the island and its hospitality will make you feel like at home.

On our signature tours, we welcome participants of all ages. Solo travellers, couples, families, and groups of friends are all welcome. If you have any difficulty participating in any of our above listed activities, you are more than welcome to skip it. You can use the time to explore the surrounding area or simply take a break.

Choose from our preferred tours, or hit the trails on one of our awesome multi-day self drive tours.

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