Hiking Greek Islands: Explore Hidden Cycladic Treasures

Cyclades islands is a world famous destination due to its characteristic snow-white villages, blue domed churches on sun-dressed rocks and stunning beaches with crystal clear sea. However Cyclades is not only about sand, sun and sea. Enjoy great hiking routes through the inland, ending at magical beaches. Cross small villages to experience old traditions of local people. Traditions that you can reveal only when truly mingling with the locals!

Cyclades is not only about sand, sun and sea. Enjoy great hiking routes through the inland, ending at magical beaches. Cross small villages to experience old traditions of local people. Traditions that you can reveal only when truly mingling with the locals h

 1. Andros Island

The island of captains and sailors. The northernmost island of the Cyclades archipelago lies only a couple of hours by ferry from Rafina port. The natural landscape with lush vegetation, the imposing mountains, the virgin beaches, its Nautical museum and the rural villages make this island an irresistible travel experience. Andros has an impressive network of 170km of restored and marked hiking routes according to European standards, that offers varied landscapes from green vegetation with gushing waterfalls and rugged mountains, till ancient walled terraces that will take you to a sandy beach on the shores of the Aegean. Here you can find the most water springs and vegetation in Cyclades, that’s why there are so many trekking routes to choose from!

2. Sifnos Island

Love at first sight! The soothing atmosphere, the scented air with orange and almond aromas, the white-washed villages and the tiny chapels on the edge of rocks will capture your senses.  Sifnos has a varied landscape for its size with olive groves and wild. The best way to explore the island is certainly on foot, taking advantage of the numerous trails. Few years back, the old cobblestoned trails that connected the villages were restored, offering authentic hiking experience. Climbing is also popular on the island. Enjoy local celebrations, traditional tastes and the famously friendly local society.

3. Kythnos Island.

Here you will find the meaning of life, where simplicity and charm are the main ingredients! Kythos is one of the less visited Cycladic islands with iconic and picturesque villages and more than 100 beautiful beaches to pick from. It offers an ideal hiking experience with extensive path trails that will pass you through settlements, churches, windmills, castle ruins, thermal springs and caves in the old mines. Don’t miss the easy trek to Kolona beach, one of the best in Greece, that will surely blow your mind. Discover the many local treasures by walking on the island!

4. Santorini Island.

Welcome to the precious gem of the Aegean, the incredible and unique Santorini! Enjoy stunning sunsets from its world famous Caldera, breathtaking landscapes, volcanic beaches, traditional culinary delicacies and villages’ distinctive atmosphere. Now imagine that you can walk on the edge of those cliffs, along the rim of the caldera through the villages of Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. Admire the endless blue of the sea, the black and red beaches and the unique sunset. The paths of Santorini is a must do activity to experience the true and pure beauty of the island.

5. Kea Island.

Kea or Tzia is an island full of beauty and cultural tradition. Regarded as the “gate of the Cyclades”, the island is also a paradise for hikers as it offers more than 15 well-preserved trekking routes that connect the villages, picturesque chapels and beaches. Check out the suggested routes and let Kea reveal to you its natural beauty and its enchanting history. Ideal destination for travelers who search for a trekking island for 1-2 days.

6. Amorgos Island.

Amorgos is known for its deep blue sea, whitewashed houses, wild and dramatic nature with herbs. Once you set your foot here, you will feel the wind of change. Located far away from the rest of Cycladic islands, you feel isolated, but you need less than 1 hour to be welcomed by the local people. Hospitality is the most important value of this island. Being one of the biggest islands of Cyclades, there are many beaches to explore and even more villages to discover. And you can do that by hiking the beautiful walking paths, called “the blue paths”, because whatever trail you walk, it offers fantastic views over the Aegean sea. There are hiking tracks for all levels and the seven main paths are marked with signs. Enjoy it!

7. Tinos Island.

Located on the northern side of Cyclades, Tinos is one of the most enchanting islands. Picturesque villages, Cycladic dovecote’s houses, stone-made churches, create a unique atmosphere that never fails to captivate the visitors. The big Monastery of Panagia Megalochari gives to the island a religious significance. The old trails that used to connect the villages reopened, so you can explore Tinos by walking through the charming island’s scenery, taking  you past dams, archaeological sites, monasteries, folk museums, a Venetian castle, dozens of dovecotes and even spherical boulders whose origin remain a mystery.

These are the best island choices for those who desire to combine the stunning beaches of Cyclades with some trekking routes and to discover hidden gems of Greek nature and culture by foot.

Would you like to get more details to experience one of the above incredible hiking trips? Send a request and our hiking consultant will suggest the ideal itinerary for you!


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