Top Hidden Treasures Nearby Athens 

Athens city is the travel hub of Greece due to its International Airport and port, but also because some of the most famous and important sights of Greece are located nearby. The Peloponnese region and Central Greece lie within one day’s trip distance with many attractions, like archaeological sites, natural wonders, cultural elements, hidden treasures, all ideal for one day excursions.

The Peloponnese region and Central Greece lie within one day’s trip distance with many attractions, like archaeological sites, natural wonders, cultural elements, hidden treasures, all ideal for one day excursions.

Read below our top 6 full day suggestions and let us know your preference.

1. Kalavryta & Vouraikos Canyon

Kalavryta historical village is located on the slopes of mountain Helmos, at 900 meters altitude, and it’s known for the unique architecture, the local products that you can taste such as honey and milk products, and its historical significance during the revolution of 1821 and the holocaust during the World War II. Vouraikos Canyon is an outstanding train route, which connects Kalavryta village with Diakofto village next by the sea. The cog railway is unique in Greece. The route crosses the National park of Helmos Mountain, and you will enjoy waterfalls, rivers surrounded by lush forest, tunnels and breathtaking mountain views! This full day excursion is only 2 hours driving distance from the center of Athens.

2. Lake Tsivlos & Zarouchla

Another hidden paradise within the National Park of Helmos mountain is lake Tsivlos. An amazing place for trekking, swimming, horse riding, cycling, canoeing and with many options of traditional food! The green lake is surrounded by virgin forest and the views of the mountain peaks complete the outstanding landscape. Only 15 minutes away from this paradise lies the traditional village of Zarouchla, where you can admire the architecture, buy local products and eat traditional Greek delicacies in a tavern!

3. Methana Volcano

Methana peninsula offers many excellent attractions, like the famous volcano, the thermal baths, the excellent beaches, fresh fish food in the local taverns, and the stunning nature! The volcano is in the same volcanic arc with  Santorini, Milos and Nisyros volcanos. Trek in the forest, then on lava rocks to reach the crater, where you can descend to the “heart of volcano”. Relax on a stunning beach before heading back to Athens.

4. Agkistri Island

Athens offers you the possibility to visit an island for one day! Agkistri island lies only 40 minutes away by boat from Piraeus port and is the ideal day escape to enjoy the beauty of the Aegean sea. The island is covered by pine forest and is an excellent choice for small summer treks. Don’t forget to do some beach hopping and to relish traditional flavors in local restaurants. This is a great full day experience for those who don’t have time to visit Cyclades Islands and crave for a touch of the classical Greek summer!

5. Mainalo mountain Trail

Mainalo mountain is located in the center of Peloponnese region. It is entirely covered by pine forest and it’s an ideal choice for those who seek to trek in virgin forest and to visit historical villages with traditional architecture and culture. Vitina, Elati, Dimitsana are some of the most beautiful villages you can explore during this trip.

6. Mycenae archaeological site & Nafplion

The well known archaeological site of Mycenae, one of the most important attractions of ancient Greece, is located only 2 hours away from Athens. During the exploration of the site you will be introduced to one of the most ancient civilizations of the world. Nafplion was the first capital of Greece after the revolution of 1821 and is considered as one of the most charming cities of Greece. Built by the sea, with graphic narrow streets, beautiful mansions and town fortifications that include the Palamidi castle and Bourtzi, located in the middle of the harbour. Can you ascend the 1000 stairs to conquer the castle hill?

All our full day tours run daily in private or twice a week on a group basis. The average duration is 10 hours and they target all travellers who want to experience original Greece and to combine historic knowledge with nature experience and cultural elements. All our tours are designed by our dedicated guides, and their personal knowledge and passion will lift your unique travel experience.


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