Top 6 Walking Tours in Athens 

The walking tours of Athens is an ideal way to explore the city and to learn interesting information about local life, major monuments, favourite places of Athenians and specific parts of both ancient and modern history. Prepare your photographic camera as our guide will introduce you to the most interesting stories of mythical Athens.

Below you can check few of the most important ones:

1. Athens Historical center

Enjoy the most famous walking tour of Athens and learn about the main monuments of the city. Walk around the Acropolis hill with the world-famous Parthenon temple, the Greek Parliament, the Panathenaic Stadium where the modern Olympic Games were held, the temple of Zeus, the Botanical garden, the Ancient Market, the central square of Syntagma, the commercial streets and the picturesque district of Plaka. Wander through the long history of 2.500 years, on the footsteps of Socrates, Plato and Periklis.

2. Local market & food tasting.

This walking tour targets travellers who desire to experience local flavours and delicacies like a local. Walk through the favourite places of Athenians, shop from local flea markets (not the touristic ones), learn about Greek traditional products, taste beloved flavours like souvlaki, koulouri, salepi, ice cream and many more. Bring your appetite and enjoy a day as a true Athenian.

3. Tatoi Royal Palace

Only 25 km away from the city center, lies the magnificent estate of King George, built at the end of the 19th century that once served as the summer palace of the former Greek Royal family. During our tour you will enjoy a small trek around the estate, the hotel, the winery, the stables, the dairy, the pumping station, the cemetery and the endless lush forest on the slopes of Parnitha mountain!

Athens is a city of seven hills. Acropolis might be the most famous one, but the hill of Lycabettus, with an altitude of 277 meters, offers the most scenic views.

4. Lycabettus sunset hill

Athens is a city of seven hills. Acropolis might be the most famous one, but the hill of Lycabettus, with an altitude of 277 meters, offers the most scenic views. Hike through the pine trees to reach the peak, where you can find an open theater, a luxury restaurant and a church. Admire the entire city, from the mountain of Parnitha till the port of Piraeus and the endless Aegean sea. Every sunset you can watch the submission of the Greek flag from the soldiers. On the top, our guide will show you the districts of the city and you can take amazing photos of the sunset.

5. Coastline & Ancient cave of Plato

In Athens you can enjoy an amazing combination of mountains and sea. During this walking tour, stroll around the coast of Attica Riviera, enjoying a refreshing ice cream and gazing at the Aegean sea. Later visit the unknown cave of the famous Greek philosopher Plato. It is the only cave of Athens where you can find carved sculptures and altars. As you descend the stairs, your experience begins!

6. Ancient Marble Route

Athens is well-known for its white marbles, which have been used to build Acropolis and many other ancient monuments. Hike the ancient route on the slopes of Penteli mountain, from where the marbles were carried to the city center or port. Visit the cave of Daveli, with a small church inside. The view of Athens and the Aegean Sea is breathtaking!

All walking tours run daily either in private or on a group basis. The average duration is 4 hours and they target all travelers who want to experience the authentic life of Athens, avoiding the overcrowded touristic places. Explore places that even the Athenians ignore! All walking tours are designed by our guides, and their personal knowledge and passion will lift your unique experienc

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